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Web Hosting Brisbane - hosting is vitally important to all web-based projects - hosting resources are critical to ensure fast delivery and consistent user experience.

Website Hosting Makes or Brakes Your Online Presence!

In this day of fast-paced life, you have microseconds to gain the audience's attention!

The greatest attribute that your website can have is fast access and delivery speed.

A modern website deploys fairly sophisticated applications that sit on your web server and deliver the content to the user based on their screen size, device and connection speed.

So if you want to deliver database content from a catalogue, or web pages that are built on a Content Management System, you will need all the pace and speed that technology can muster.

Virtualisation - A Whole New Paradigm

The advent of "virtualisation" of operating systems and the use of Solid State Drives (SSD) and the opportunity to have multiple connections via several A Grade Telecommunication providers has sent the whole "Hosting" industry into an uproar.

Many of the large traditional corporate hosting companies have so much collateral spent on outdated technology that they simply cannot compete with this new technology.

Cloud Hosting - A Very "Loose" Term!

Loose terminology like "Cloud" based hosting really disguises the reality. We have had "virtual Hosting" since 1995 on individual servers that divided up their hard drives and operating system resources to multiple web services. This, in essence, is "Cloud" hosting - but honestly has no comparison to the new breed of servers that run individual virtualised server applications on SSD drives while residing in multiple connected data centres. A whole new World.

The hosting component is often taken for granted; however when you have the right resources the results speak for themselves!

modern rack servers in a data centre installation