OPE Project

The project that Queensland Net has developed for the Australian Outdoor Power Equipment industry is a new solution that provides the tools and systems to successfully market power equipment in today's marketplace.

The Australian Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

We have had exposure to the OPE industry for many years and have always been fascinated with the degree of difficulty in order to develop a decent OPE website. 
The issues are and always have been:
  • Lack of  accurate product images and model specification
  • Manufacturer's websites with little to no collateral for dealers to work with
  • A complete lack of product video information to go with today's Web 2.0 environment
  • Lack of manufacturers' understanding in internet and social media requirements
  • The overall industries inability to move forward from "direct mail and catalogues" (that are almost irrelevant in today's marketplace)

It is incredibly difficult for an OPE retailer to find a web developer that understands their business, never mind the complexity of the model programs and relative product feature sets.

It really has been ALL too hard!

The Queensland Net Solution

In March 2017 we set about building a database driven solution that provides a hosted catalogue for the dealer, that includes the main specifications for each product, the main feature set and videos when available.

The main contention is that ALL the product material and pricing is up to date and reflects the current promotional program of each manufacturer or distributor. The idea is that the website visitor has access to ALL the available information and pricing WITHOUT leaving the dealer's website.

The dealer's online store should be running the same information as the bricks and mortar store - this is common sense - NOT rocket science!

As well as emails for quotes and availability many customers arrive in the dealer's shop with the product on the dealer's website in their phone. All they want to know then is the availability! Overall sales have increased every month since the program began and the number of Facebook interaction has grown, while the website audience is growing by a considerable precentage each month.

A well built website develops "natural search" - so you can forget paying Google & Newscorp thousands of dollars a month to have your website found online. Content is ALWAYS king!

Our trial program is running extremely well and the results have been quite astounding. We will be looking to add new dealerships across 2021 - call us if you are interested in discussing this project further  - 0428 112 082 anytime!


some of the product outdoor power equipment brands that we support

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