The Internet Big Picture!

The web provides some incredible opportunities that are often complex in nature. Our "Big Picture" segment is provided to discuss various aspects of website development that is perhaps a little outside of the peramateurs of a static website.

Here we are talking about business integration; that is aligning your online processes to interface with your business; sharing resources that you use everyday in your work process with your customer base. True Business to business using the web as the device to connect your resources.

Huge Savings

While this was once only the realms of huge multi national corporates, it is now cost effective and easily achieved using the new tools available to all of us. The advent of sharing data across platforms, provides the ability to export your inventory details from your company system out to the web. Once online your partners can share the detailed product information, from video to text, to pictures and installation or "how to" PDF's as well as have the pricing and margins available to them. By simply allowing the web server to poll your in house inventory on a regular basis both systems are synchronised. This takes "self help" to a new level for your customer base!

Properly designed and employed, this technology can save you thousands in wages, time and effort updating information and specifications, it allows you to virtually support your customer base without physically walking through their door! Huge implications moving forward!!!

See the topics below - they are in no particular order, each subject is discussed separately.

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