Data Syndication

Imagine if you were a manufacturer or wholesaler having the ability to share you information with your business partners in a business to Business (B2B) environment. Your customers would be able to know the product pricing, availability as well as have the capability of placing orders on your system without so much as a telephone call or email!

The advantages of this style of development are incredible;

  • - Your customers have instant access to product information including availability
  • - You can post images, PDF's or videos as part of the available product information
  • - The enquiry or order works in real time - regardless of geographic time differences
  • - Your partners are able to respond to their own customer enquiries extremely quickly
  • - Orders are placed online and are completely traceable
  • - Processes can be setup to trigger notifications to your staff
  • - Every activity or sale is totally traceable

While this may sound the sphere of huge multinational corporations - it is very much a reality today.

The ability to export data from your company's system to the web opens up incredible opportunities that have huge savings and implications for how you maintain information within your organisation.

Business processes are changing as fast as the technology itself! Now is the time to trump your competition and benefit from the technology as it becomes available.

Websites are now far more than simple static pages!

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