About Queensland Net

Our team’s philosophy:

We have been working on the internet since 1994. We created SunZine – an electronic magazine for the Sunshine state and the rest as they say is history.

Having been around the technology for so long has allowed us to grow skills and resources along with the platform itself. So today we run servers in the UK to service European web surfers, the USA just because the market is so big and of course close to home in Brisbane we have another installation. This global perspective works especially well for our tourism based clientele.

We work a bit differently to most; simply as we have observed the development of the web and learned that to really have the edge in this technology, you really need to control the main influencing factors. So we manage our own server space, control our own email and name servers; basically control our own destiny. Yes it costs a great deal more – but we do sleep better at night!

This has worked brilliantly as we can provide 100% guarantee that our projects are always up online and our clients’ business continues uninterrupted.

Search Engines:

We were there the day the search engine was invented! What a triumph for mankind! So we have watched with great interest as Google emerged. Our experience with global networks and Google particularly, places us in a very unique situation. One is experience, the other is the network resource we have at our command. A very unique combination indeed!

Our prime interest is to serve our customer base and provide a service that is unequalled. Simple words – but honestly this is how we have retained our client base, some have been with us for over 15 years and counting.

We look forward to working with you on your next project, no matter how large or small!

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