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Where we do it - in the cloud of course!

The cloud provides speed and performance which allows the server to respond to the demands that are placed on the website by the number of users and the amount of resources required to provide a consistent performance for each site visitor. A cloud server responds to the load requirements instantly, more bandwidth, more RAM on call as required. You can also provide cached versions of your site in major data centres as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which improves latency across distance; remote customers or international customers in Asia, EU or USA for example.

Website speed and performance is paramount to your success! This is governed by several factors.

Website design

Simple concise navigation, think less is more; graphics that are beautifully compressed for smaller, faster files, a site that is blazingly fast.

Website hosting

Cloud based so that your hosting automatically increases resources on demand, heavy activity - more bandwidth and RAM, always delivering a fast, consistent user experience.

Web platform

Your solution that delivers content based on the size and requirements of the visitor’s device – scaled graphics delivering exactly what’s needed – no bloated code!

Local Delivery

Blazingly fast Australian based servers, in the Cloud, hosted in professional datacentres at the core of major connectivity hubs. A definite need for speed!

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